The many incredible attractions in Branson, MO, generally seek to thrill you with excitement. The Veterans Memorial Museum in Branson is different in that it will leave you inspired. The museum pays tribute to this nation’s heroes with amazing exhibits full of wartime artifacts. History buff or not, there’s something for everyone.

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Veterans Memorial Museum Pays Tribute

What will you see in this memorial to our nation’s veterans? You will be able to reflect on the exhibits and have your curiosity piqued by the personal experiences of the men and women who served in all branches of the military. See their uniforms, weapons, letters home, medals, motorcycles, and other authentic memorabilia.

The memorial spans 10 great halls. Each one will walk you through the various wars fought including World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and more. Within each hall, you will find excellent exhibits full of sculptures, murals, artifacts, art, and much more authentic memorabilia commemorating and honoring our nation’s veterans. See the names of the men and women killed in action in World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, and recent conflicts.

History of the Museum

The vision of the Veterans Memorial Museum in Branson came from Fred Hoppe, a Nebraska man. He sought to create a museum that honored the men and women who served our country and to educate future generations of their sacrifice. Mr. Hoppe didn’t stop with just the vision, though. He collected all the artifacts in the museum and wrote over 2,000 scripts for each one.

The museum opened in 2000 after only 10 months of construction. Fred Hoppe took part in designing and participating in the construction. He even milled 70 tons of logs into studs for the museum on his homemade sawmill. This incredible act alone makes the museum worthy of a visit! Lastly, he even created a 70-foot-long bronze sculpture of 50 true-to-size soldiers storming a beach. This incredible feature is set to be displayed on Highway 76 after the City of Branson purchased it in 2016.

Details About Visiting

The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily except on Christmas Day. Get directions.


Adults:  $16.95

Veterans and Military:  $13.99

Student (13-17):  $10

Child (6-12):  $5

Child (5 and under):  FREE

Groups of 15 or more:  $11

Be sure to visit the website for the latest info on ticket prices.

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