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6 Tips Prepare Home Vacation Rental Property

Thinking about using your home as a vacation rental property? Or thinking about purchasing a home to use as a vacation rental property to make extra money? Here are 6 tips to help you prepare your home to be a vacation rental property!


    1. Consider the location. Are you located in an area where travelers may want to stay? Are you near or on a lake, near tourist attractions, secluded and private or luxurious? Make sure your home is something you and your family would want to rent on vacation.


    1. Check legal limits. Is your home (or the home you are looking to purchase) in an area zoned for nightly rentals? Make sure there are no restrictions in your area. Some HOA’s are strict about nightly rentals. Confirm this information before moving forward!


    1. Inspect your home. Do you have any leaky roofs, clogged gutters, driveway cracks, leaky faucets, or electrical outlet issues? You want to get everything fixed so your guests can enjoy your home!


    1. Clear the clutter. Guests want to rent your home, but they don’t want your clutter. Make sure surfaces are clean and welcoming. Try thinking about the clean lines and conveniences of a hotel, but with the benefits of having a full home.


    1. Evaluate your furniture & appliances. Will your furniture wear well? Do the appliances work well? You don’t have to spend top dollar to have good, quality pieces. We have found investing in the right quality pieces not only help you make more money on your home, but quality pieces also last longer. IKEA might be cheap, but you will be replacing it quickly.


  1. Allow Rent Branson Amazing Branson Rentals Property Managers to make you money! Sit back and enjoy your passive income!


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