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.Cancellation Policy


You have four cancellation options.

1.) Full protection :: Purchase the Travel Protection Insurance and the Rent Branson Plan (RBP).
2.) Rent Branson Plan (RBP) :: Read coverage below.
3.) Travel Protection Insurance (TPI) :: Read coverage below.
4.) No Coverage & No Protection :: If you do not purchase either/both of the options listed here, you will receive no refund, can not change your dates, and may not change homes. We do not recommend this option, as you never know what issues might arise.

Should a guest be concerned they may need to cancel, we recommend that a guest purchase our third-party-trip-insurance and the Rent Branson Plan (RBP). During the on-line booking process you may select these options. The Travel Protection Insurance and Rent Branson Plan  may be added to a reservation in the first 24 hours of creation- you are unable to add TPI or RBP after the 24 hour mark. If you do not purchase the Travel Protection Insurance and/or Rent Branson Plan and you decide to cancel, no more charges will be incurred on your card- you will not be refunded any previous charges. The Rent Branson  Plan is available for 6 bedroom homes and smaller.

Rent Branson Plan  :: Cancel for Any Reason (RBP)

Our Rent Branson Plan (RBP) is not a replacement for the third-party Travel Protection Insurance, but is an additional option for you to have peace of mind when planning your trip to Branson, Missouri. It is available for 6 bedroom homes or smaller and stays 10 days or fewer. The Rent Branson Plan (RBP) can be purchased for 10% of your total at the time of making your reservation. It may be added within 24 hours of making the reservation, but not after the 24 hour mark.

If you purchase the Rent Branson Plan (RBP), you are able to cancel for any reason up to 10 days prior to checkin. If you purchase the RBP and cancel more than 10 days prior to your checkin time you will receive a 100% refund- excluding the credit card fee, Rent Branson Plan (RBP) cost & Admin Fee. If you notify us 10 days or more in advance, you can also choose to change your dates one time. Please note, rates vary depending on dates and your rate may adjust accordingly.

If you purchase the Travel Insurance and the Rent Branson Plan (RBP) and need to cancel, you should submit your Travel Insurance claim first and then contact us regarding your Rent Branson Plan (RBP). You cannot be double paid out for a cancellation. Claims MUST BE FILED WITHIN 14 days of cancellation.

* The admin fee, Rent Branson Plan (RBP) cost and credit card fees are non-refundable.
**You may not make multiple reservations for the same dates with the intentions of only keeping one reservation.


Travel Protection Insurance (TPI)

We have partnered with a third party insurance company to offer our guests Travel Protection.

With Travel Protection, you may be covered during your entire vacation! The Travel Protection Insurance covers from the time of your booking through your return home. We strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance. Should you have a major medical issue or experience trip interruption due to unforeseen developments such as illnesses, natural disasters, etc… you may be covered by contacting the insurance company through their claim process. The cost for the Travel Protection is 7.95% of the total rental amount. 100% of reservation cost (not including premium) will be covered for a covered reason.

Unable to travel because you are very sick or injured? Or road closures affecting your travel? Or an involuntary termination of employment or extension of the school year? No problem! Trip Cancellation coverage keeps you from losing your vacation savings if you need to cancel for a covered reason.

*The premium cost is non-refundable.

*If you book both the RBP & TPI plans, please note the non-refundable fees for each. For the RBP, the admin fee, Rent Branson Plan (RBP) cost and credit card fees are non-refundable. For the TPI, the premium cost is non-refundable.



Guests have 24 hours after booking to make changes or cancel without penalty.
After 24 hours, reservations are non-refundable-
unless you purchased one of the cancellation plans & your changes are covered under your purchased plan.


*If you ALREADY purchased the Rent Branson Plan (RBP) & have cancelled your trip,*
click here to submit a Rent Branson Plan (RBP) Claim

*If you have not already canceled and need to, please contact us at Reservations@RentBranson.com
The above link is NOT a Red Sky Travel Protection Insurance claim.

A Red Sky claim needs to be filed through Red Sky & the information on how to file that claim is sent to you via email.