When you come into the great city of Branson, you’re likely coming through 76 Country Boulevard, otherwise known as “The Strip.” For years, this corridor has faithfully welcomed millions of visitors per year. But now, it’s in need of a makeover. The New Spirit of 76 is under construction as one of the largest roadway modifications in the country. Here’s why we are excited about the new Spirit of 76, and why you should be, too!

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The New Spirit of 76 Makes a Branson Vacation Easier

The modernization effort to transform “The Strip” is underway, and you ought to be excited! The upgrades planned mean tourists and vacationers have an easier go of it once they’re in Branson. Roughly 7.5 million visitors come to this five-mile stretch annually, and, as a result, 76 Country Boulevard is showing its age. The project aims to sustain growth, preserve the heritage of the area, and pave the way for the future of Branson tourism. What has been an eyesore will become a walkable, bikeable area well-suited for the bounty of visitors each year. The whole goal of the project is to make Branson more accessible and safe. That means more good times and fun for everyone!

Benefitting the Branson Experience

Currently, the corridor in question limits visitors and tourists to a minimal sidewalk next to a busy highway. The goal is to add in 15-foot wide sidewalks to encourage folks to get out and explore. With a promenade-style area in mind, the new Spirit of 76 hopes to encourage healthy living, as well, by creating space for walkers, joggers, cyclists, and more. This initiative will also instill a sense of place, increased social interaction, and improved economy. Everyone stands to benefit, which is why we’re excited for the new Spirit of 76.

Your Branson Vacation Just Got Better

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