***UPDATE as of 2020*** The AURODIUM has since been removed and has been updated with four outdoor ziplines! You’re going to LOVE the ziplines, they are fun for the whole family!


Have you ever dreamed of skydiving, but are terrified of heights? Well Fritz’s Adventure has the perfect solution for you! You can now go skydiving in Branson without an airplane! This summer you can experience sky diving at the Fritz’s Adventure outdoor AERODIUM. This is an outdoor flying experience that doesn’t require an airplane or any of the fear. It is perfect for beginners or experienced skydivers.

The AERODIUM is the “safest, most innovative wind tunnel flying experience in the world” and is an experience you don’t want to miss! If you are a local, you definitely need to buy a ticket ASAP. If you don’t live nearby, book a cabin and buy your skydiving ticket soon!