So you’ve officially figured out the basics for your family’s spring break! Congratulations! Now the fun planning begins. We’ve not only planned our own family’s spring break trips for years, but we also have years of experience helping others plan their family trips! So what is needed to plan the perfect spring break? We’re here to help you set your itinerary!

  1. Check the weather. You might have to save this until closer to your departure date, but check to see if there is rain in the forecast- this might impact your itinerary.
  2. Decide what is important to your family. Think about these questions- do you all need down time to relax, do you want a full itinerary with options of what to do each day, how active do you want to be, etc. Think about each member of the family. You may even want to sit down and ask each person what they want. Let each member of the family choose one item one their must-do list! Then create a list of options in your chosen destination {and keep weather in mind!}. We like to plan downtime during our trip, but always have a list of adventurous options for every day of the trip as well- just in case. Plan on booking a few items in advance- think about items that might sell out in advance.
  3. Think about food. Do you want to cook at home or eat out? Make a list of restaurants you might want to visit as well as a list of meals you might want to make. We are big fans of making breakfast and dinner at home and eating out at lunch.

Yay! The trip is getting real! Now all that is left is packing! Stay tuned, we will be sharing tour tips on what to pack soon. You won’t want to miss these tips! We are here for you and want to help you “Make memories and start traditions!”