Looking for things to do with your kids this summer? How about creating an at home Field Day games event?! You can have the Field Day last a few hours or draw it out to last a full week. And depending on your local distancing rules, you can even include your neighborhood friends! So split your family or friends into teams and let the games begin! Here are a few game ideas for your own Field Day!

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  • Water balloon toss :: Give each team 10 water balloons. See which team can toss all water balloons from one team member to the other fastest (and which team can keep the most water balloons from popping).
  • Fill the bucket challenge :: Set up two buckets on opposite sides of the ‘field’ (two per team). Fill one bucket with water for each team. Using water guns or cups, move the water from the full bucket to the empty bucket. Whichever team finishes first, wins!
  • Corn hole :: It’s a classic for a reason!
  • Obstacle course :: Create an obstacle course! You can make it any way you want. Find items to run around, under, over, etc. See which full team can complete it first!
  • Over the head water challenge :: Similar to the bucket challenge, the goal is to move all the water from the full bucket to the empty bucket. Give each team member a cup and have the team stand in a line. Team members have to pour the the water into each others cups to pass down the line and fill the bucket at the other end.
  • Hula hoop race :: Have everyone in your team hold hands. Start with the hula hoop on one side and have everyone on the team go through it- but make sure you never let go of each others hands!
  • Horse Shoe :: Another classic!
  • Beach ball race :: Start by standing back to back with your partner. Then grab both of your partners hands so you are holding them while still facing away from each other. The place a beach ball between your backs and use your arms as a type of basket/cradle for the ball. Now see which team can race the fastest from one side of the field to the other. If your team is large enough, take turns running the ball back and forth until every team member has participated.
  • Wheelbarrow races :: Make sure everyone on your team is included! Race down and back until everyone on your team has competed.
  • Ladder (Lasso) Golf :: Another classic!

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