Beach Alternative Vacation Beach Alternative Vacation Idea & Why People are Choosing It

Beach Alternative Vacation Idea & Why People are Choosing It


With gas prices rising, everyone is looking for ways to save money. And this year, it looks like driving to the beach is going to cost more than normal. We’ve spoken to dozens of people and learned the best beach alternative vacation! It appears many families are choosing to forgo their normal beach vacation and are choosing to go somewhere a little closer to home in an attempt to save money. And many people are choosing to travel to Branson, Missouri this year! So why are people choosing to visit Branson? Here’s why!

  • Location :: Branson is perfectly located just a few hours from tons of major cities! Meaning it will cost less gas money and take less time to drive to Branson than it does to most other vacation destinations.
  • Things to do :: Branson has everything from shows and attractions to lake activities and golfing or even theme parks and rides {and so much more}! There is LITERALLY something for everyone in your group!
  • Food :: Branson is filled with delicious restaurants! It has everything from traditional chain restaurants to small local gems and even big name restaurants like Paula Deens’s Family Kitchen restaurant or Dolly Parton’s Stampede!
  • Places to stay :: Branson has everything from lakefront vacation homes to vacation rental condos! You could rent a hotel, but learn why it’s cheaper to rent a home here! Plus, vacation rental homes are located in the BEST locations in Branson!
  • Prices :: Branson is still one of the best kept secrets in the country and therefore, the prices are still very affordable compared to other travel destinations! But people are beginning to learn about this secret destination, so hurry and visit while prices are still low!

Where do you normally travel to? Are you considering changing your normal plans in an attempt to save money too?
We truly believe this is the best beach alternative vacation!