When at home, where do you spend majority of your time? Is it in your bedroom? Probably not. You probably spend most of the time in your living room! So when you travel, why would you want to be constricted to just a bedroom and bathroom? We’ve done the research and learned it can actually be CHEAPER for you to rent a log cabin or home on the lake than it is for you to rent a hotel room- even if you are traveling with just two guests.

So what are the benefits of renting a vacation rental in Branson over a hotel room?

  • Lots of space :: After a busy day of enjoying Branson, you may find yourself wanting to come home and relax in your own private living room. But in a hotel, you don’t have that luxury. If you stay in one of our homes you might have a private hot tub to relax in, a private theater room inside your home, game tables to enjoy, and a full kitchen!
  • Cheaper :: Yes, you read that right. It can be cheaper to rent a whole home than it is to rent a hotel room. By renting a vacation rental you have the opportunity to cook at home and skip an expensive meal out. And if you are traveling with a large group it is definitely cheaper to rent one large home than it is to rent many hotel rooms.
  • Location :: By renting a home, you have more options for locations! Want to stay on the lake? We have you covered! Want views of the rolling hills of the Ozarks? We have that too! Want a secluded log cabin? Great- we can help! Hotels are traditionally in just one location.
  • Comfort :: In your Branson vacation rental you get all the comforts of home while traveling!
  • Live like a local :: When traveling you get the best experience by living like a local. And your host has all the recommendations you could ever dream of!


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