Near, far, wherever you are, there’s one universal attraction in Branson that you don’t want to miss. At The Titanic Museum in Branson, you have the opportunity to relive the past in a unique way: nearly just as it happened. The self-guided museum tour lets you and yours explore the one-of-a-kind RMS Titanic replica at your own pace. The Titanic Museum is the perfect place for history buffs as a family-friendly activity.

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Hop Aboard the Titanic Museum and Explore

The world’s most famous luxury cruise ship, the RMS Titanic, may have held the fate of its passengers on that night in 1912, but the Titanic Museum tells their stories to celebrate their lives. When you take a tour at the Titanic Museum in Branson, you’ll receive a ticket with the name of one of the ship’s original passengers. As you make your way through the museum, you will learn of this name’s fate, as the artifacts tell the passengers’ stories. So, what will you see once you’ve boarded?

  • Walk the hallways, parlors, cabins, and more within the Titanic Museum in Branson.
  • View over $4.5 million in authentic Titanic artifacts that tell the story of the tragic Titanic.
  • Touch an iceberg and feel for yourself what 28-degree water feels like.
  • Shovel coal and power the ship in Titanic’s Boiler Room.
  • Learn about SOS signals and how to send one. Then, send the distress signal.
  • Feel what the sloping decks of the ship would’ve felt like as the ship descended.
  • Sit in a true-to-size lifeboat while listening to authentic passenger accounts.
  • Learn of your passenger’s fate when you enter the Memorial Room.

The Grand Staircase

In the heart of the ship, the Grand Staircase majestically replicates exactly the heart of the real Titanic. Using the original Harland & Wolff plans, the Titanic Museum brings to life the authentic details of the original ship in the $1 million Grand Staircase replica. You’ll see intricate oak carvings, a statue of a cherub, the glass dome, elaborate railings, and iron scrollwork. And, if just reveling in the beauty of the room isn’t enough for you, don’t worry! You can get married here, too!

Retreat to Your Private Cabin

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