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Halloween is around the corner and we have the inside scoop on where you should go to make the most of the holiday! We’ve already shared local tips on the best pumpkin patches in the area, the scariest haunted houses in the area and our secret pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe with you all- and now we are sharing tips on where to go on Halloween in Branson!

Want to dress up, but forgot to go buy an outfit on time? Here are a few easy ideas you can recreate with items you already have at home!

We love Silver Dollar City, and they are adding a new addition in a few months! In Spring of 2018, Silver Dollar City will open its tallest, fastest, and spiniest rollercoaster yet called the Time Traveller! The roller coaster will cost $26 million and was designed specifically for the Ozark Mountains by MACK rides out of Waldkirk, Germany.

The rollercoaster includes a 10 story, 90 degree drop and reaches 50.3 mph. This roller coaster has been kept under wraps for 2 years now!  The ride also includes a dive loop, a vertical loop, and a zero gravity roll, all while spinning! It’s going to be a roller coaster lover’s dream! Riders will move from 0-47 mph in just 3 seconds! The Time Traveler also crosses over itself 14 times!  While most of the rides at SDC are set in the 1800’s, Time Traveler has a definite futuristic vibe. The ride lasts 1 minute 57 seconds and will challenge the dreamer in all of us!