We love Silver Dollar City, and they are adding a new addition in a few months! In Spring of 2018, Silver Dollar City will open its tallest, fastest, and spiniest rollercoaster yet called the Time Traveller! The roller coaster will cost $26 million and was designed specifically for the Ozark Mountains by MACK rides out of Waldkirk, Germany.

The rollercoaster includes a 10 story, 90 degree drop and reaches 50.3 mph. This roller coaster has been kept under wraps for 2 years now!  The ride also includes a dive loop, a vertical loop, and a zero gravity roll, all while spinning! It’s going to be a roller coaster lover’s dream! Riders will move from 0-47 mph in just 3 seconds! The Time Traveler also crosses over itself 14 times!  While most of the rides at SDC are set in the 1800’s, Time Traveler has a definite futuristic vibe. The ride lasts 1 minute 57 seconds and will challenge the dreamer in all of us!