Imagine yourself in the pristine Ozark woods enjoying the crisp mountain air when out of nowhere you hear the joyful screams of a coaster. Wait, that’s the Mountain Adventure Park in Branson! Branson’s newest addition to the array of attractions, the new zip coaster will thrill you as you endeavor down it. It’s a guaranteed good time, and there’s plenty more to look forward to as they continue to expand the park. What will be there

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Mountain Adventure Park in Branson is One-of-a-Kind

Within its 80 acres of beautiful Branson forest, the Mountain Adventure Park boasts of something awesome:  It is the only mountain zip coaster in Branson. What makes a mountain coaster different? Well, lots of things! First of all, as you ride the coaster, you have a one-of-a-kind view of the scenic Ozarks that you just can’t find anywhere else. A cool feature in addition to what you’ll be able to see is that in building the zip coaster, Mountain Adventure Park strived to make as little impact on the environment as possible. They did this by using the natural features of the land to accentuate their thrill ride and make it as fun as it is environmentally friendly.

The Branson “Runaway” coaster isn’t the only attraction Mountain Adventure Park seeks to provide.

Plans are in place to expand from the coaster, potentially installing zip lines and a ropes course. Work is underway on “Fritz’s Adventure” and a 225-foot tower named “Big Foot.” This style of amusement park has had great success in Europe, and the owners of the park hope to bring that success here.

Interesting and Important Things to Know about the Coaster

“The Runaway” mountain coaster travels at 30 miles per hour very close to the ground. While that may not seem very fast to some, winding through the woods making tight turns and drops at that speed is a thrilling experience. Add in that the ride sends out single cars of a few people at a time, and you’re out in the woods by yourself. That increases the thrill-factor, for sure. Zig-zagging through 5,000 feet of track, you’ll wind and whip your way through 350 feet of elevation change using gravity as your accelerator. The whole attraction is an ode to the environment around it, and an exciting one at that. How do you get there? Get directions.

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