In 2020 many of us had the opportunity to experience what it is like to do work and school remotely. And while sometimes it is harder than working/learning in an office/school, sometimes it’s better! And we want to help you keep the lessons going- even while on vacation!

If you are traveling with kids and want to help teach them some math lessons while in Branson, here are a few of our top suggestions! Some of these you can do from the comfort of your vacation home and others you can do while exploring Branson together!

Fun Branson Field Trips 

  • Silver Dollar City is entertaining year round, but did you know you can enjoy rides, watch shows, eat delicious treats AND learn while here? Go here to see a handful of the math lessons you can learn while at Silver Dollar City (they’ve broken it down by age).
  • Branson Tracks has entertaining options for the whole family and they also offer a Scholastic Adventure Pack for 5th-8th grade math that includes a 2 hour fun pass!
  • Fritz’s Adventure offers 80,000 square feet of climbing space for all ages. With 11 indoor ziplines, 6 suspension bridges, 32 obstaceles, 2 SkyFall quick drops, a multi-story ropes course, underground tunnesl, a laser room, City Wall, rappelling, giant treehouses and more- there are endless opportunities for math lessons!


  • Counting lessons – Make a list of fun items you can find around your vacation rental home (rocks, sticks, leaves, flowers, animals, etc) and make a competition of it! Have them count how many of each item they can find. And document it! Whoever finds the most of each category wins!


  • Have the kids find 20 rocks (can be more or less depending on their skill level). Use these to practicing adding, subtracting, multiplying and diving numbers so they can physically see the math in action!

Practicing Fractions or Percentages 

  • Big sticks make a great tool for demonstrating percentages! Find one big stick and practice breaking it into different sizes! You can have one stick and break it in half (making two halves). Then break it again and make it one fourth. The sky is the limit!
  • Get 100 rocks and place them in 10 rows of 10.  Use these to talk about different percentiles!