Feel like you are always telling your kids no? If so, it might be time for a Yes Day! If you haven’t already seen the new Netflix movie called ‘Yes Day,’ we highly recommend watching this light hearted film to help inspire your own Yes Day!

Once you’ve decided to have a Yes Day, it’s time to set some ground rules  and come up with some inspiration! And we’re here to help! Whether you plan on having a Yes Day while on vacation or a Yes Day at home- we’re here for you!

Ground Rules
– Set hours (7am-7pm, 8am-8pm, 6am-midnight, you decide!)
– Set a budget (per person, for the family, again you decide!)
– Give them a limit to the number of ‘yes’ activities (I could see my toddler asking or infinite amounts of ice cream or sugar, so discuss certain limits in advance)
-Everything has to be done that day and the next day, everything goes back to normal
-Kids plan together
-Everything is done as a family

– Yes we can plan a log cabin vacation
– Yes we can go to Branson
– Yes you can skip your chores
– Yes you can eat ice cream for breakfast
– Yes you can ride your bike to the park
– Yes you can stay up past your bedtime
– Yes you can pick out parents outfits
– Yes you can see a movie/Branson Show
– Yes you can eat out/have a picnic/bake in your vacation rental kitchen


In case you need to say the word ‘No,’ trying using these alternatives instead: 
    • “We will see”
    • “Ask me again later”
    • “Maybe later”
    • “Not right now”
    • “That sounds fun but wouldn’t you rather…”
    • “That’s a lot of money, how about we… instead.”

Come have a Yes Day stay with us!