It’s time to pick a date and plan a relaxing weekend in the Ozarks. You deserve it! Whether you are traveling with your family, friends or loved one- we want to help you decompress and have a truly relaxing getaway. So, you’ve picked your destination, the beautiful Ozarks, what now?

Where to Stay

  • Rent Branson :: We have everything from 2 bedroom homes to a 14 bedroom home. So you can have a relaxing weekend in the Ozarks, even if you are traveling with a large group! Life is always more relaxing when everyone has their own space!

What to Do in Branson

  • Spa Day :: We recommend checking out the Big Cedar Lodge spa or the Chateau on the Lake spa! They are both open to the public!
  • Wine Tasting :: There are multiple wineries in Branson!
  • Hiking :: Check out some of the beautiful places hike in the Branson area here and here!
  • Boat Day :: Rent a boat and enjoy a lazy day soaking up some sunshine!
  • Hot tub :: Did you know each of our homes have private hot tubs on the back deck?
  • Simply enjoy lounging around your own log cabin!

What to Do in your Log Cabin

  • Private Masseuse :: Did you know you can hire a private masseuse to come to your home through Rent Branson? That’s right, you don’t even need to leave the home for a luxurious spa day! Just email us to learn more!
  • At home spa day :: Bring the spa to your cabin and have an at-home-spa-day! Don’t want to travel with your spa goodies- no problem! Contact us before and we can have a full at-home-spa goodies set up in your cabin before you even arrive!

Where to Eat

  • Cook at home! Each of our homes have a full kitchen & a BBQ grill on the back deck!
  • Vasken’s Deli has some amazing & healthy Mediterranean cuisine
  • Top of the Rock at Big Cedar
  • Chateau on the Lake
  • Keeter Center
  • Find 8 of our other favorite restaurants here