Did you know Hosts can now review guests on Homeaway/VRBO/Airbnb, just like the guests can review us? Now, as a Guest is searching through potential homes to rent for vacation, Hosts too get to choose if they want to accept certain guests. We want to help you get the 5 star review you deserve as a guest! Here are our tips on how to be a good guest:

Before Arrival:

  • Read any and all correspondence from the host. Usually, a host will send you all the checkin information you need prior to arrival. Often times they will also send suggestions on what to do in the area, tips on how to use the equipment in the home, and so much more! This will save you from having to call or message the host!

During Your Stay:

  • Read any Welcome Books or signage in the home. Many hosts offer welcome books, notes on the fridge/table or even Tablets/iPads in the home with extra details about the home. These often include wifi information, TV details, how-to-use instructions and more!
  • Keep an eye for any notes around the home. Sometimes homes have quirks. There might be notes on certain doors with tips on how to lock tricky doors, instructions on how to open/close unique windows and more.
  • Treat the home with respect. Treat the home like you would your own. If you wouldn’t go in your own home soaking wet or push a heavy piece of furniture across your floor, try not to do it in your vacation home.
  • Post pictures & tag your host. We LOVE hearing from our guests & seeing photos of you all making memories together! It’s probably our favorite thing about being a host! If you are having fun on your vacation, take photos in the home or around the home & mention them on social media!

Before Your Departure:

  • Clean up after yourself. Try to make the home look like it did when you arrived. Make sure trash is in the bin and you aren’t leaving tons of items behind. While a housekeeping team does come through the home, their goal is to make the home as clean, sparkly and sanitized as possible. And it is easier for them to do that when they aren’t also throwing away your trash and putting furniture back where it belongs.
  • Bonus: Strip the beds and leave the bedding and dirty towels in a pile. While we don’t require this of our guests, we do greatly appreciate it when they take the time to strip the beds for our housekeeping team.

After Your Departure:

  • Email the host. We love hearing from our guests! Let us know if you had a great time or if you have any suggestions! Also send them any photos you may have taken during your trip that they may enjoy! You can even ask them to write you a 5 star review and let them know you will write them a 5 star review as well!

We truly believe we have the best guests at Rent Branson! Majority of our guests do all of the items above without any prompting, but we want to make sure you know how to get a 5 star review as a guest.

Do you have any other questions or suggestions?