The Christmas season is full of love and joy! It’s a season of giving and a season of celebration. This year, we want to help prepare you for those last minute gifts you may have forgot about. Whether you need secret Santa gift, a hostess gift or just a little something for your neighbor and friends- we’ve got you covered. Here are a easy DIY Christmas gifts for everyone in your life!

We love these little candy filled Christmas ornaments! Get yourself a silver or gold sharpie and write the gift receivers name in pretty hand writing on the front of the ornament. You could even write a special note and the year on the ornament so they can keep it year after year! We would recommend filling them with red and green M&Ms or other seasonally colored candies! Get a pack of 12 clear acrylic ornaments here!

Or instead of candy, you could fill these ornaments with a delicious homemade hot chocolate recipe! {or use the store bought packs and just make it look pretty!} Pour the hot cocoa mix into the bottom, add a layer of Christmas sprinkles, some chocolate chips, and top off with mini marshmallows! You now have Christmas in an ornament! You could even add peppermint bark or white chocolate chips to add variety! You could even give a mug alongside the ornament for the hot cocoa! If you do add a mug to the gift, be sure to add a candy cane so they gift receiver can use it as a stirring stick! Get a set of 6 mugs here ($3.83 per mug) or a set of 12 mugs here ($2.58 per mug)!

We also like to keep a few of these Rudolf Reindeer chocolate bars on hand, just because you never know when you will need to share a little Christmas spirit with someone. Plus, they are a fun little craft you can enjoy making as a family! All you need is: a pack of Hershey’s bars, a box of candy canes, googly eyes, red pom poms, brown card stock paper, glue {low heat glue gun or crazy glue suggested}. Simply glue the candy canes and brown ears to the back of the Hershey’s bar and glue the eyes and nose to the front! And voila- Rudolf!


Wanting to give a more extravagant gift?
Maybe think about giving the gift of an experience!
Everyone loves receiving a vacation!