Do you always search for the best deals when you go on vacation? We know we do! So we want to make it easy for you on your next vacation. We recently started a points system. So each time you stay with us your earn travel points and get money for your next vacation! Now, with every $50 you spend, you earn 1 point in return. And each point is worth $1. So if you pay $500 for a getaway, you automatically have $10 off your next stay! And in addition to that, you also get 10% off for being a repeat guest!

With a $500 getaway, you earn $20 off your next stay PLUS the already existing 10% off for being a repeat guest. And if the double travel points isn’t reason enough to come stay with us in January, February or April- you might want to check out our prices.

These are some of our lowest prices ever! Why you ask? Well, we appreciate you! And we believe you deserve a vacation. We’ve found January, February and April to be some of the most dull months of the year. Do you agree? The holidays are over and it’s chilly outside. So why not plan a vacation! Well we want to help you enjoy those chillier months. Because what’s better than a cozy log cabin getaway?

Have questions?
Or have you already stayed with us multiple times in the past?
Get in touch! We can go through our records & add up the points you’ve previously earned!


***points and discounts may not be combined for certain dates. 25 points may be redeemed per day.