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Damage Protection

Vacation Rental Property Protection Plan

On your rental agreement you will find a Vacation Rental Property Protection Plan fee listed in your booking charges. This fee is taken in lieu of a larger refundable security deposit, and is non-refundable. This fee offers you, our guest, as well as the owner of the home protection against accidental damages.


Accidents happen, but they don’t have to ruin a vacation

You decided on a rental property so you could feel at home while on vacation. Don’t let the fear of losing your security deposit keep you from enjoying your time.

  • Make a simple, one-time payment upfront.
  • Avoid the hassles of checks and credit card holds.
  • Relax, knowing that you have coverage for accidental property damage.

What if Something Happens?

Simply report any damage that occurred during your stay to the vacation rental agency when leaving. Don’t be afraid to report the damage–that’s why you bought insurance!

The waiver is $35 for $1500 worth of damage  or $65 for up to $3000 worth of damage for our larger properties.


All Vacation Rental Property Protection Plan will be administered by Company staff at the property. Such staff will have the sole authority to determine the nature and extent of damages, necessary repairs and eligibility for the waiver of liability described herein. The Enrollee must report with a phone call to the Company staff with personal contact (voicemail message are not accepted, Enrollee must speak to a representative)  any theft or damage to the unit or its contents to staff by the time of checkout or any otherwise applicable damage waiver for such Enrollee will be void. The Company manager has ultimate claim administration authority. In the event of any dispute relating to this waiver the Company may require such dispute be submitted to binding arbitration.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Payments for the Accidental Damage Protection plan will not be accepted after the guest has entered the unit for the beginning of their stay.

The Vacation Rental Property Protection Plan is designed to cover unintentional damages to the rental unit interior that occur during  your stay.  The plan will pay a maximum benefit of $1,500.00 for the $35 fee and $3,000 for the $65 fee.  Any damages that exceeds the benefit will be charged to the guest directly. If, during the stay at this property the lessee or those sharing the accommodation with lessee cause any damage to real or personal property of the unit as a result of inadvertent acts or omissions, the Vacation Rental Property Protection Plan will reimburse Amazing Branson Vacation Rentals for the cost of repair or replacement of such property up to a maximum benefit. To ensure that you are not charged for any damages, you are responsible for reporting any accidental damages to Amazing Branson Vacation Rentals in a timely manner.

If cost of replacement or repairs exceeds the Guest’s credit limit on Guest’s credit card, Guest agrees to pay the difference to Amazing Branson Rentals.  In the event of a dispute concerning a security deposit, dispute resolution shall take place in the County where the vacation rental property is located. Any expenses incurred by Agent during the collection process shall be reimbursed by Guest.

Coverage under this plan is not provided for loss or damages due to:

  • Intentional acts or gross negligence
  • Normal wear and tear of the real or personal property assigned to the accommodation
  • Any damage that occurs if you are in violation of the lease agreement
  • Loss, theft or damage to any personal effects owned by you or brought on the covered Trip by you
  • Loss, theft or damage caused by any person other than you or your traveling companions with whom you share the accommodation reservation.

As an alternative to Property Protection, Guest may choose to pay a Refundable Damage Deposit, authorized and collected prior to Guest entering into Premises, that will act as a safeguard to Agent for any damages that may occur, whether unintentional or intentional. Any refund of Damage Deposit is subject to the terms of this Lease. No portion of the Damage Deposit will be refunded to a departing Guest until the Premises is vacated by all co-guests. Guest acknowledges that all, or a portion, of the Damage Deposit may be retained by Agent upon termination of the tenancy, and that any refund (full or partial) of the Damage Deposit to Guest shall be made within 14 days of reservation departure date.

*Guests who host an unauthorized party will be held accountable for a minimum $10,000 fine and prosecution for damages.
*Our larger homes do require a security deposit and may be subject to different terms.
* The admin fee and credit card fees are non-refundable.




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