Branson, MO, “Live Entertainment Capital of the World,” is home to amazing theme parks and nine gorgeous golf courses. Outdoor activities are endless for family members of all ages and range from a scenic railroad trip to a hot air balloon ride to a zip line adventure. The shopping is amazing, and with more than 250 dining options in the area, you will be able to please even the pickiest eaters. And then, there are the theaters, where the industry that has helped put Branson on the map lives. More than 60 Branson theaters provide audiences with a variety of shows from acrobatics and impersonations to classical violin!

Branson Theaters

In Branson, there is something for everyone, an extravaganza to experience every day. And the town’s theaters only add to the lineup. Each show is as different as the theater that houses it.  Take a look at some of the features that make Branson theaters among the best in the country!


Andy Williams Performing Arts Center and Theater

Located on West Highway 76 on 16 acres of conservation award-winning landscape, this 48,000-square-foot theater was designed by Andy Williams himself.  Andy was a pioneer of sorts in Branson – the first non-country artist to build a theater in this Ozark entertainment area. His theater is now the venue for country and non-country artists, magicians, and comedians as well as two over-the-top Christmas shows.  Check out the Celebrity Weekend Concerts at  Information on this beautiful theater as well as performance schedules are available at 1-800-MOON-094 or on the website.


Sight and Sound Theater

“Samson” is now live in Branson! Come learn Samson’s secret as you watch his story unfold! The Sigh and Sound theater is a long-running favorite in Branson, at the top of the “must see” list for those who want to experience the emotional story of a larger than life man leading his people on a dangerous journey. Make reservations for this wonderful show online.


American Bandstand Theater

With 970 seats (and not a bad one in the house), one of the largest stages in the area, and a $125,000 sound board, this location is a not just ones of the biggest Branson theaters, but a theater complex!  There is a gift shop with one of the largest collections of Elvis souvenirs, a restaurant decorated with American Bandstand memorabilia, and a show featuring all of the music business names famous through the years. “Legends in Concert” is a live tribute show featuring talented impersonators who transform themselves into the likes of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley which runs through Dec. 29, 2016.  Contact or call 1-800-407-9780.


Shoji Tabuchi Theater

“Shoji Tabuchi” brands the show as a Japanese-American royalty experience. The lavish theater is home to an extravagant show and extravagant restrooms. In fact, these restrooms are often the first place theatergoers head when they enter the building. There are even postcards picturing the restrooms available at the theater gift shop. But, you came to see a show, and you will not be disappointed. This grand production features Shoji, a sensationally talented man who sometimes shares the stage with his singer-dancer daughter in a show produced by his wife. Enjoy a program of Shoji’s classical violin, country, and pop music showcased by intricate sets and exquisitely talented singers and dancers using skills practiced for generations by Japanese entertainers.

For more information on booking any of the near 150 shows in the famous theaters of Branson, visit the Branson Tourist Office’s website.  

Plan Your Trip

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