Sometimes, you just need a long, beautiful drive to clear your soul. The Ozark Mountains are home to some of the most beautiful scenic routes in the country- especially in the midst of the gorgeous fall weather we are having! These are the best Sunday driving routes in Branson!

Pro tip: Be sure to keep your eyes on the outside of the car- reading or playing on your phone as a passenger tends to make non-locals car-sick… plus you don’t want to miss the gorgeous views!

  1. Hwy 165: Take Hwy 65 North to 265. Take 265 to Hwy 165 to the Scenic Overlook. One of the best Branson views is at the Hwy 165 Overlook.
  2. Ozark Mountain Highroad: Otherwise known as Hwy 465, The Highroad is a beautiful way to observe the Ozark Mountains. Go North on Highway 65, then take 465 Southwest around to Branson West.
  3. Ozark Hollow Road: Starting at the top of the mountain, and winding all the way down to the lake, this route is close to home for our guests! Take Hwy 86 West to Hwy UU. Make a right onto Ozark Hollow Road, follow all the way to the bottom. Be sure to watch out for deer!
  4. Eureka Springs: Take the trek down to Eureka! Take Hwy 65 South to 412 West. Continue Northwest on Hwy 62 all the way to Eureka Springs!