“The Live Entertainment Capital of the World” doesn’t limit its excitement to the massive amount of theater productions and concerts that take place in town. Branson is also home to quite a few museums, each unique in its own way. You won’t find mundane exhibits or post-trip homework assignments here, just the excitement that only Branson museums offer!

The Titanic Museum

The cruise liner that met its storied fate over a century ago is brought back to life at Branson’s Titanic Museum! This museum is as educational as it is entertaining, loaded with real artifacts recovered from the ship’s wreckage (including the only Bible saved, as well as the band master’s violin), an abundance of educational resources for teachers, and much more are aboard this landlocked ship. To be honest, there’s too much to list here – you’ll just have to visit the Titanic Museum for yourself!

Hollywood Wax Museum

Pose with your celebrity crush and forget all about bodyguards – because they’re busy protecting the living, breathing version of (fill in the blank). However, these wax recreations will make you double and possibly triple take, due to how shockingly accurate they resemblances A-listers like Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, and Frank Sinatra, to name a few. Stop by for a taste of Hollywood, past and present, in one of the most popular Branson museums.

Branson Auto and Farm Museum

Enthusiasts of both the automotive and agricultural industries will feel at home in the Branson Auto and Farm Museum. An impressive collection of both vintage cars and trucks, some of which are for sale, and antique farming equipment populate this 90,000 square foot attraction. The owner, according to the museum’s website, is not only an avid automobile fan but a successful farmer too!

The Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure

Step into the world of the most graceful winged insect when you visit The Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure. Observe an abundance of tropical butterflies, plants and a host of other rainforest wildlife, while learning about these delicate creatures and their environment. This incredible museum also features a mirror maze and the Living Rainforest Science Center, which is home to scorpions, lizards, poison dart frogs, and other exotic creatures!

Ralph Foster Museum

Located on the College of the Ozark’s campus, the Ralph Foster Museum is dedicated to the history of the Ozarks. The museum’s three floors will take you through natural history and wildlife, exhibits, an extensive collection of historical firearms, an art gallery and much more. You’ll even see the original Beverly Hillbillies car!

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Branson

As the name implies, you might not have a hard time accepting what you see when you step foot into Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum. The Branson location is home to the strange, the fascinating, and the downright odd. Whether it’s a 22-foot tall model of Optimus Prime or a vampire killing kit, you won’t want to miss the strangest of all the Branson museums.

World’s Largest Toy Museum

Your kids might go crazy – as long as you can control the overwhelming sense of both excitement and nostalgia that you’re bound to feel upon stepping foot in the World’s Largest Toy Museum. Guests of any age will find toys from their childhood among the museum’s numerous displays whether your younger years were spent collecting baseball cards, building train sets or dressing up Barbie.

Branson Dinosaur Museum

“Velociraptors, triceratops, and tyrannosaurus rex, oh my!” Maybe you’ve never had reason to shout that out, but you might very well when you visit the Branson Dinosaur Museum. Get closer to a stegosaurus than Jeff Goldblum would ever dare, and witness for yourself the awesome size and detail of these lifelike beasts! The kids are guaranteed to have a blast.

Veteran’s Memorial Museum

Honoring the sacrifices of American military personnel, the Veteran’s Memorial Museum is a must-see when it comes to Branson museums. An incredible collection of artifacts from the 20th-century American wars, the museum’s displays are highlighted by creator Fred Hoppe’s bronze sculpture of 50 American WWII soldiers, one for each state.


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