Branson is a great place to visit year round, but our favorite time of year might have to be mid August through the holiday season! As fall arrives and the weather begins to cool, the crowds begin to disappear and Branson becomes a travelers paradise! Why you ask? Here are 6 reasons you should visit Branson in the Fall!


  1. Cheaper pricing :: We get it, it’s more common to travel when kids are our of school for summer. But did you know it’s actually A LOT cheaper to travel in August, September and parts of October? And we believe the best teaching experiences for kids can actually be found outside of the classroom on vacation!
  2. Fewer Crowds :: Since most people are back in school, there are far fewer crowds, so it’s easier to get tickets to the best attractions, shows and more! So you get to experience the attractions with fewer people AND usually at discounted rates!
  3. Tourist attractions are all open :: Branson has SO many fun attractions to visit! And during the summer they can often sell out or simply be quite crowded. But August-November are usually pretty quiet and often discounted! Find discounted tickets here!
  4. Restaurants have longer hours :: In the winter many restaurants shorten their hours drastically, but August through the holiday season the restaurants remain open for longer hours! And there are fewer crowds competing for tables!
  5. Lake Days :: We love hot summer days spent on Table Rock Lake, but did you know you can usually enjoy the lake into mid October? We love renting a boat and spending long days on Table Rock Lake in August & September.
  6. Great weather :: Is there anything better than fall weather? Especially in August & September- we love the remaining warmth of the summer sun during the day and the slightly cooler evenings. The weather in Branson from mid August to mid November is usually amazing!