Giving Back

We are incredibly fortunate to have ready access to all the things we need: food, medicine, education, and more. However, many across the world are not so fortunate. To help improve the lives of others, Amazing Branson Rentals has committed to sponsoring two children through Compassion International with our proceeds. This means that every time you stay in one of our Branson vacation rentals, you are helping contribute to the well-being of the two wonderful children we have sponsored, Riski from Indonesia and Valerie from West Africa.

Through Compassion International, you are helping a child across the globe which profoundly changes his/her future. This support provides medical checkups, nutritious food, health and hygiene training, educational assistance, and mentoring – all with a loving Christian principal foundation. With every reservation proceeds are forwarded to these two children.


RiskiMeet Riski Lamhot Hutapea

4 years old as of 2015

Riski lives in Indonesia with his mother and father and 2 other children.
He is responsible for running errands for the family. Riski enjoys playing a musical instrument and singing.


Meet Valerie Ogouma


4 years old as of 2015

Valerie lives in Togo, a country in West Africa, with her mother and father and one other sibling. She is responsible for carrying water, gathering firewood and gardening. She enjoys playing with dolls and walking.


Every time you stay in one of our Branson rental properties, Riski and Valerie get a portion of our proceeds. If you would like more information on how you can participate in Compassion International to support these, or other, children, please give us a call at (972)-849-6363, or visit